Shoulder Hydrodilation For Frozen Shoulder Treatment 

Some cases of frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis are very resistant to the normal treatment methods used and the pain and limited movement persists for many months.

Hydrodilation or hydrodilatation (the two words mean the same thing) is a unique way to improve frozen shoulder. It works well for almost every case of a frozen stuck shoulder but is particularly effective in the most severe variations - or in people who have adhesive capsulitis in association with diabetes.

The principle is simple really.

The sticky adhesions of a frozen shoulder cause the joint capsule to stick to the bones and to other parts of the capsule - leading to pain and limited movement. By using an x-ray machine to guide a needle into the shoulder joint and then using that needle to inject fluid under gentle pressure, these sticky adhesions can be teased apart and stretched - causing a release from the pain and stiffness.

I'm pleased to say that I can now offer access to shoulder hydrodilation (shoulder hydrodilatation) treatment in Edinburgh.

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Doctor Cameron has also written a comprehensive guide to all the available treatment choices for frozen shoulder. You'll find up to date information with details of the pros and cons on all of the current options - including joint injections, hydrodilation, manipulation under anesthetic and shoulder release surgery. This is the perfect answer to your worries if you are confused about frozen shoulder and about what best to do next. 

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