Orthopaedic Clinic - Joint Pain 

Dr Cameron is available for consultations in central Edinburgh at The Edinburgh Clinic - a cutting edge new healthcare facility.

You can make an appointment to see Doctor Cameron: By telephone on 0131 447 2340 (or 0044 131 447 2340 if you are calling from outside the UK)

By email to: enquiries@edinburghclinic.com

Dr Cameron normally sees patients who are referred to him by their NHS or private GP. GP's should send referral letters to The Edinburgh Clinic, 40 Colinton Road, Edinburgh EH10 5BT. Patients are welcome to phone to arrange their own convenient appointment time.

Sometimes patients make appointments at the suggestion of their physiotherapist, osteopath, friend or colleague. This is acceptable but it may be necessary for Doctor Cameron to approach the GP for information if this occurs.

If you have private health insurance then you should check with your provider before arranging an appointment. Most UK based private health insurance companies recognise Doctor Cameron as a provider under the terms of their policies.


You can read more about Doctor Cameron's experience as an orthopaedic specialist and about his specialist sports injury clinic. He also provides innovative approaches to joint pain including viscosupplementation and shoulder hydrodilation for chronic frozen shoulder pain and stiffness.

No matter what age you are ... no matter what caused your joint or muscle pain ... Doctor Cameron can help. Give us a call or send an email for more information today. Appointments are always available at short notice.

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Doctor Cameron also provides online information about other joint pain topics including shoulder pain, frozen shoulder and about how joint injections can help to treat pain or stiffness. If you browse around his other sites you will find lots of related health information - much of it also dealing with joint pain, muscle pain and sports injury.