Ostenil Injections For Knee Pain

Ostenil is one of several hyaluronic acid supplement products that are available for the treatment of osteoarthritis - mostly used for knee arthritis and knee pain. This is often referred to as viscosupplementation.

You can read more about using viscosupplementation treatment elsewhere on this website.

Ostenil is a modern bacterial derived version of sodium hyaluronate - several of the other versions in common used are derived from collaged extracted from chickens.

Doctor Cameron has extensive experience of using these treatments in the treatment of arthritis. They are safe, effective in many cases and almost completely free of side effects. Some people experience a transient flare reaction but this is not common overall.

If you think you would like to know more about this kind of treatment then explore the other pages on this site or book an initial consultation with Doctor Cameron to see if you might be someone who could benefit from viscosupplementation injections. The best research is available in the treatment of knee arthritis but other joints can also benefit. You can also read about how these injections were previously called rooster injections because of the way the hyaluronic acid was originally obtained. 

You can read more about the specific products used for this kind of treatment by following the links below:

Euflexxa is another hyalan product derived from bacterial extraction.

Supartz injections have probably the longest track record of all the available products




Synvisc or Hyalgan GF-20 and it's new version: Synvisc One Injection

There are other hyaluronate products available but the ones above are the most commonly used.

If you are suffering from arthritis and would like to consult with Doctor Cameron for his expert orthopaedic specialist advice then click on the tab above labelled Consultations. Doctor Cameron uses viscosupplementation injections frequently for people suffering from arthritis.


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