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Whiplash Injury and Neck Pain Treatment

Whiplash injury is the name given to the pattern of neck pain or injury commonly seen after a road traffic accident - although it can happen for other reasons too. 

This type of neck pain is a major problem in modern society - although the text books say that it resolves quickly in many cases, there's plenty of evidence to show that this isn't always true. If you are struggling with neck pain right now then take a look at Doctor Cameron's message about neck pain on the right of this page - you'll find some good treatment and pain relief information.

This site explores the current evidence relating to whiplash injury and discusses the role of whiplash injury in neck pain, post injury headache, frozen shoulder and other many other whiplash related symptoms. Follow these links or browse around the site for more information.

Whiplash injury treatment 

Whiplash injury headache

Whiplash compensation

Neck pain relief

I also often make short videos to explain common concepts relating to neck and shoulder pain treatments - along with other similar problems.

Here's an example:

You can check out more about neck pain down the arm on my youtube video channel.

Back Pain Treatments

We also concentrate on back pain treatment

Doctor Cameron has written extensively about lower back problems and the list oflow back pain treatment pages below contains a number of links to great content. 

You can find information about How to Survive an attack of Lower Back Ache and about Lower Back Treatment and Assessment. You can also now make an appointment for viscosupplementation treatment of arthritis - a new, safe and effective therapy or for shoulder hydrodilatation treatment of chronic frozen shoulder pain. Frozen shoulder and it's treatment is one of Doctor Cameron's main areas of interest and specialism. 

We've grown over the years and you'll find that the Cameron Medical Website now has hundreds of pages of information relating to neck pain, back pain and joint pain - and Doctor Cameron also provides expert level reports relating to shoulder pain topics and to when to choose joint injections for pain relief.

You can follow the hot links below or use the menu on the right of each page to explore some of the content on the site. Check back often because we update frequently.

Look at what's on the Cameron Medical Website? 

Follow the links above to whiplash injury pages covering all aspects of whiplash related and car accident injury problems. You can also get advice about finding the best whiplash lawyer firm. 

Back pain Treatment of course covers a huge range of choices - probably too big a range for most of us to take in. But if you need more information about treatment for lower back pain then read this page.

Shoulder Problems are also a feature of our site - with one of the most asked about subjects being treating  Frozen shoulder

You can also explore a review of frozen shoulder pain - and read about Doctor Cameron's frozen shoulder ebook

Frozen shoulder treatment- more information about the treatment options for the pain and stiffness of frozen shoulder

Heel pain and heel spur
Heel spur and plantar fasciitis causes severe foot pain 

Heel pain treatment
Treatment of heel pain can make a huge difference day to day 

Gout is a condition that will cause extremely severe pain for many people - the pain of Goutstarts quickly and without warning and for sufferers it will lead to severe joint inflammation and problems with function 

Doctor Cameron deals mostly in sports injury and in sports medicine. You'll find a good  introduction and overview of Sporting Injury Treatment
on this page where you will discover how RICE can help ease your sports injury pain 

Osteoarthritis treatment options have progressed a lot in recent years and there are now a much wider range of treatment options than previously. On the pages below you can explore Osteoarthritis treatment

Synvisc treatment of osteoarthritis is one of the newer approaches to an increasingly common problem.Synvisc Treatment- learn how synvisc, hyalgan and other viscosupplementation treatments might help you cope better with joint pain. 

Hand Problems and Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome
The most common cause of pins and needles in the hand and wrist 

Childhood orthopaedic problems
From knock knees to childrens hip pain and neck pain 

Tennis elbow treatment
All you ever wanted to know about this common condition and treatment tips for living with elbow pain. clear wayTreatment options explained in a clear way

Tennis elbow - tendonitis treatment

Treatment options explained in a clear way

The above is only a sample of the main content of the Cameron Medical Website - use the search box above or check out the Site Map for full information.

Dr Cameron has also started web walking - a new fantastic way of taking regular exercise as a means of improving health and fitness. 

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Doctor Cameron also provides online information about other joint pain topics including shoulder pain, frozen shoulder and about how joint injections can help to treat pain or stiffness. If you browse around his other sites you will find lots of related health information - much of it also dealing with joint pain, muscle pain and sports injury.